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da joose is loose niiiigga

23 November
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i want to be your friend. just give me a chance. one chance.
below a put up some pics. yea yea sure whatever. hehe. yooo what's good??? im heading to college soon and nothing is gonna change. im still gonna be talking whom i talk to now. college is sooo gonna kick ass. life is gonna get soo much better. senior year SUCKED soo much balls for the most part but it ROCKED huuuugely. this is the time when i start looking out for my well being and watch out for my truest friends well being. lying to myself will only hurt me and you. no more kiddie games. its time to take advantage of every situation. i smell like crap only cuz i haven't been watching for myself. wo0t wo0t. the best time of my life starts now!